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Moon phases

Renewable Energy is a Scam?

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by LionsShare on Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:43 pm

what do you think?

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by daveiron on Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:59 pm

Either totally ignorant of the facts or yet another paid 'change agent' .Think I'll go with the latter.

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by assassin on Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:07 am

Interesting, and we notice they have ignored the cleanest power source which is geothermal, in this they drill into the earths core and hit one of the numerous steam pockets trapped in the earths core and use this to power a standard turbine and the only issue is the instant gas emitted and loose rocks which are blown to the surface. This is countered by rock traps which filter them out from the steam and the traps are periodically cleaned, and the second problem is the immediate discharge of gases which were vented into the atmosphere; the real issue was the size of the steam pocket and its life, which would generally be unknown and the steam would be condensed back into water and run into a nearby river, canal, or stream.

Enter engineering as this countered all these problems, first was the life of the steam which was unknown, this was countered using hydraulic pumping to return the used steam back into the steam pocket and this reheated it and created a recirculation system, and this recirculation system meant there were no gases being emitted as it was a totally closed system, with no condensing and release of warm water. Basically; you used your steam and returned it back to the steam pocket for reheating and it has an infinate life and can run forever.

Nuclear has been dismissed as dangerous and for good reason, radiation and nuclear waste, but they only use plutonium and uranium but why? because they can be weaponised, there is a third nuclear element called thorium and by comparison this was inefficient, but experts countered this in 2012 by modifying the molecular structure and made it 98% efficient so why isn't it used? because its safe and cannot be weaponised, so why is it a viable option.
Because thorium is lower in radioactivity then the natural environment and it can be used to remove existing waste by adding up to around 15% of nuclear waste and thorium neutralises it and makes it safe, but the real scam is MONEY as those setting up the storage of nuclear waste where the alleged experts who conned successive Governments into letting them store the nuclear waste and this is all taxpayers money used to pay for it; so a 1000 year business bringing in huge incomes for generations of the same families.

So, where is the money scam with nuclear, actually it is in the design and construction of a nuclear power station; cureently a nuclear power station costs around £250M to build but if the same nuclear power station were to be built for thorium it would only cost around £50M or 20% of the cost of a power station running off uranium. You are the main contractor for the project so what if your profit margin is 10%, would you prefer 10% of £250M or 10% of £50M.

Where is the scam for wind power? actually it is the ground rent as the land owner agrees a charge for rent for their ground, and this is ring fence protected for the duration of the ground lease; so in very simple terms. If Lopsum were the land owner and agreed to let Daveiron lease the ground for 25 years and put wind turbines on them then no matter what, Lopsum is guaranteed this rental income for the full 25 years, if Daveiron goes bust after three years and cannot pay his agreed ground rent then the taxpayer pays Lopsum for the remaining 22 years so the land owner never loses out.

It gets better because who owns everything below the surface of the sea? oh yes its the Queen so she makes another huge profit from either a company, or if it goes bust the taxpayer pays, so as well as being on the civil list she derives another income from ripping off the taxpayer.

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by daveiron on Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:46 am

Don't think I can afford Lopsum's prices .

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by Lopsum on Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:57 pm

wind farms are subsidised , because they take several times more energy (and co2) in their production than they can recoupe in their working lifetime.Yes its a scam.
The whole green theme is a scam and a misdirection away from useful energy technology as assassin outines too!
geo thermal,tidal/wave are energy efficient and underfunded technologys, wind farms are energy and co2 inefficient and take up alot of space that must be cleared land , kills birds too.
This scam is enabled by the greater climate change fraud. But also bear in mind that there are agendas on bothsides of these arguments pro fossil fuel and anti fossil fuel , ultimately  a war between the middle men while those at the top benefit eitherway. The answer to agenda 21 is agenda 21 , in their eyes.

what is best for the people? you rarely hear the correct arguments against climate change along side a working low enviromental impact source of energy.And vice versa!

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by assassin on Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:02 am

Actually it gets worse as solar panels are made from several extremely toxins and generally this isn't a problem with quality panels, the cheap Chinese panels which are currently flooding the market, are. If you make panels to a standard the glass which contains these toxins are not really an issue, but if they regularly break as the cheap Chinese panels do then it is a problem as these toxing leach into the ground and they do not decay and break down over time, and even nuclear waste breaks down over very long periods of time.

Tidal and wave energy are not actually efficient and while most operate on kinetic energy, they can constantly produce energy in surges and as tides constantly change you cannot omit these surges, merely dampen them down and not to a sufficiently acceptable level for large scale production. In addition to this we have very high installation costs as these are sub sea and require divers who are qualified as commercial divers and with the skills to maintain and repair them underwater which means additional expensive training and very high wages along with large crane equipped boats.
And, we already know who owns the sub sea and reaps the financial benefits.

But we can look at the spin (lies) and in recent weeks it was claimed that the UK didn't have any coal powered power stations online and the Uk ran solely off green energy. Hmmmmm

Its never what they tell us but more a case of what they don't tell us. On this day the Uk green energy was running at full capacity but only supplied around 55% of the Uk electricity needs and the remaining electricity came from the EU supergrid which has a mixture of coal, nuclear, and other types of fossil fueled electricity, lets look at their claim again:

The UK didn't have any coal fired power stations online TRUE.

The UK ran solely off green power LIE as green energy only supplied just over half our needs and we imported the rest from the EU.

EU countries such as Germany burn a lot of brown coal which is the most toxic and polluting and Poland also has the majority of its power produced from coal, so the remaining power came from these and other sources.

Lets look at an actual example, Didcot was a coal fired power station which was decomissioned and dismantled, basically it is not there now, while in China they planned to build one new power station which was 18 times the size of Didcot and theoretically would produce 18 times the emissions of Didcot if it was built to, and ran to the same EU standards set for coal fired power stations. Now, we all know China has a reputation for not adhering to standards which would possibly mean the emissions would be much higher and we remove one minor problem and replace it with a much larger problem elsewhere in the world, this rubbishes the climate change theories and shows them for what they really are, and this is one power station in China. China has a huge shortage of electricity and planned a series of power stations to be coal fired, and other countries such as India are doing the same to meet their growing demand, so we are only moving the problem from EU countries to other countries, just like the current electronic and plastic waste.

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Post by jrb on Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:12 pm

yes its a scam re-newable . re =no so no new energy

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Not so newb

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Renewable Energy is a Scam? Empty Re: Renewable Energy is a Scam?

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