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My solution to feeding myself

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My solution to feeding myself Empty My solution to feeding myself

Post by daveiron on Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:36 pm

Following assassin's suggestion ,I have written this account of what I have done to produce much of my own food. Due to one miss placed step I now have difficulty bending,however there is often a solution to most problems ,this is mine.
My rear garden is approx 20 x 60 ft . The soil is very poor. To bring it up to decent fertility would involve a lot of hard work which I would find very painful .This is what has worked well for me.

Discounted using my garden soil & have covered entire garden with a heavy duty membrane .(cost about £ 40 & guaranteed  for 30 years) .Make sure you get the right stuff ,its made from the same material as the 1 ton bags. This eliminates all the hard manual work ,digging weeding etc.

You now have a totally clear area . In my first year I bought a 1 ton bag of loam from a local builders merchant  £ 45.  Everything is now containerised.  Buckets from DIY / Builders merchants
£ 1 each (remember to drill drainage holes in all containers) In these I grow potatoes 2 per bucket
carrots 40 per bucket etc.
Troughs , a couple of quid from discount stores or make your own from timber if you have a cheap source. Everything else is in pots bought on ebay for the best deals. Thats all you need to get started.

The pros as I see them, are that as I endeavour to produce the most I can .Space becomes important.
For example if I were to grow a row of lettuce in the conventional way ,once a plant is harvested the place it occupied then stays empty until the whole row is harvested. On the other hand if I harvest a lettuce from a 6 in pot . That pot & space becomes immediately available .

The cons,  the only one that springs to mind is watering, containers do dry out quickly in hot weather so you may need to water at least twice a day in hot weather, I now have a sprinkler
so its no longer a chore.

I bought a 8'x12' greenhouse .Its glazed with polycarbonate panels so its double glazed and safe around children .I managed to keep it frost free over winter just by making and burning a 100 hour candle ( 2 if its really cold).
Thats how I got started  & have continued to progress from there learning all the time,and today I have a chest freezer full to the brim & buy very little .

If anyone is interested in doing something like this ,drop a post in this thread.

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My solution to feeding myself Empty Re: My solution to feeding myself

Post by assassin on Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:25 am

I feel this is a good start Dave, and you should progress with some of the issues and benefits you found to relate these experiences and actual wisdom to those looking to do the same.

You cannot beat first hand knowledge and personal experience.

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My solution to feeding myself Empty Re: My solution to feeding myself

Post by Mrblue on Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:53 am

Very impressive DI Smile

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My solution to feeding myself Empty Re: My solution to feeding myself

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