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life before you tube (algorithms)

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life before you tube (algorithms) Empty life before you tube (algorithms)

Post by Tom Bombadil on Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:26 pm

Hi all. I am thinking of a simple notion. That is What did we do to get to where we are online today?

I know it's kinda obvious that we clicked on things that were of interest and we went from there, click after click! But also we had that 'one moment' on the site of our choosing and we stuck with it. We might have clicked from there at most times and moved on from there.

For me, I have been thinking hard and it must have been the David icke forums. That led to channel 300 on Virgin, or was it Sky? From there I whittled it down and after one special post on the Icke site, I went done the freeman line of enquiry. At the same time I was on the first, and at the time best, GOODF site.

The reason I ask, is to get your cells buzzing into "life before YouTube".
I think we can agree that as a platform for truthful information, it's DIEING! I am looking for other means of 'point and click and go' (as opposed to actually going to a site direct) and I am wondering if yous lot are thinking of how you are going to find things in the future!
Google is corrupted, Facebook is dead, and YouTube is next.

If we have to go back to the beginning whereby we seek sites on a search engine that's fine. But the difference is is that before now, the engine was not corrupted as badly as now.

I'm getting a new key board with soft touch keys before its too late....searching online now.....
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil
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Very helpful

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life before you tube (algorithms) Empty Re: life before you tube (algorithms)

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:42 pm

Bitchute seems to be a safe place for Videos.
And it's easy and free to join.
Society of the Spectacle
Society of the Spectacle

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life before you tube (algorithms) Empty Re: life before you tube (algorithms)

Post by Tom Bombadil on Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:53 pm

Yeah, I'm on that. I'm slowly changing my use to that site. My dilemma at the moment is that we are asked to use, say, bit chute by those on you tube but to do that I need to stop watching those on you tube. This brings down their views and sometimes revenue. I won't be worried shortly though, because YouTube is changing the rules AGAIN. This will see many channels just dropped because there is little to no use of the channel, and those that survive will need to conform to some new draconian rules.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil
Very helpful
Very helpful

Posts : 240
Join date : 2017-07-26
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life before you tube (algorithms) Empty Re: life before you tube (algorithms)

Post by assassin on Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:37 am

Tom, Youtube is heavily regulated using a lot of automated technologies and is used to spy on people and their interests and preferences and to say it has gone the way of Google and Facebook is totally wrong IMO as it is nothing more than a heavily regulated and highly manipulated site and has been for some time.

Look at what happened to Kiki Leaks, another site dedicated to whistle blowers and exposing truth, and what happened to Assange?

You can do some simple research and join the dots, look at all the start ups and designate sites, if they fall into certain designations they are bought out by larger companies and ultimately fall under the control of the larger sites and if they cannot be bought out and their owners lured by money then they are mysteriously bombarded with complaints and are forced to close down.

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life before you tube (algorithms) Empty Re: life before you tube (algorithms)

Post by Sponsored content

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