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Moon phases

A4V Summarised.

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A4V Summarised. Empty A4V Summarised.

Post by LionsShare on Sat Dec 07, 2019 4:23 pm

After several weeks of research, most of the evidence comes from the US with only a small amount from the UK. Those that wish to research, this is the single best repository I can find:

Download the documents mentioned in the link & have a good read.

A4v can be summarised as (change US references to UK equivilants):

A4V Recap
Acceptance for value is purely a commercial remedy.
It is not the only remedy.
Acceptance for value is based on contract law and international law.
Even simple contracts must have consideration from both sides to be valid.
Bankruptcy law and insolvency law overshadow all commercial debts in the United States.
The President is the only officer of the United States who has a constitutionally required oath. [NOT an “oath of office”]
People are beneficiaries of the trust created by the Constitution.
The President is the executive trustee of that trust.
Acceptance for value is different than acceptance.
Value can be –
1) A commitment to extend credit
2) As security for satisfaction of a preexisting claim
3) Acceptance of deliver on a preexisting contract
4) Any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract
Mere acceptance waives defects.
Accepting an instrument for value gives the acceptor options.
The issuer of an instrument has the liability on the instrument.
An instrument issued or transferred for value is –
1) for a promise of performance, to the extent the promise has been performed;
2) to acquire a security interest or other lien in the instrument other than a lien obtained by judicial proceeding;
3) as payment of, or as security for, an antecedent claim against any person, whether or not the claim is due;
4) in exchange for a negotiable instrument; or
5) in exchange for the incurring of an irrevocable obligation to a third party by the person taking the instrument.
One of an acceptor’s options is to accept for value and return for value to the issuer’s banker.
Article 8 of the commercial code directs the handling of securities in the United States.
A securities intermediary has obligations to entitlement holders.
Consideration means any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract.
An issuer of an instrument for value has no defense to the obligation to pay the instrument.
The issuer has a defense if performance of the promise is due and the promise has not been performed.
An instrument issued or transferred for value is also issued for consideration.
A person gives value to receive rights.
He can acquire rights –
(a) In return for a binding commitment to extend credit or for the extension of immediately credit
(b) As security for or in total or partial satisfaction of a preexisting claim; or
(c) By accepting delivery pursuant to a preexisting contract for purchase; or
(d) Generally, in return for any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract.
Acceptance for value is the same as taken for value.
Instruments issued for value have no value in them until they are endorsed.
A blank endorsement [signature only] makes the endorser liable on the instrument.
A proper qualified endorsement [accepted for value] can make an endorser a holder in due course.
An endorser is not required to take on the liability of the instrument. [if he accepts it for value]
An endorser has the option of limiting or precluding recourse against himself.
An endorser decides if an instrument is a promise or an order.
An endorser decides if an instrument is negotiable or non-negotiable.
An endorser decides if an instrument is a payment or a security.
Interest in property establishes a claim that may be enforceable by a holder in due course.
Interest in property does not carry liabilities of ownership of property.

Of course there are others but this may be the single best. If others have better or more comprehensive material then please post it.

Here is a UK example with articles on Affadavits:

Something else to consider is:

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights brought into force on 23rd March 1976 states:
Part 1 Article 1. 2. All people may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of International economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and International law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

The info above was posted by a goodf contributer:

Thank you for posting this, its only after re-think I found it again & re-posted here.

After speaking to A.N.Other was given:

IF there is NO BILL of Value then there can be NO CHARGE or DEBT. – NO CONTRACT

SIDE 1: The Paper House Foundation is Your Owner’s Signature as the
SHADOW Foundation of Your Inherit and Physical Labor Credits loaned as
the initial UCC Contract Trust Credits to the UCC CONTRACTOR.

You: as the Owner of these 3 Sided – UCC Contract Trust have the Right to Terminate any
UCC Construction Contract at any time with the “Treasury IRS – UCC Contract Trust
Department” and you can also order the Liquidation of all the Contractor’s BONDS and
ASSETS, as Your Credits in order to settle all of your DEBTS. As the Owner; all of the
remaining CREDITS belong to you as American Constitutional Money – Non-UCC Labor
Credits, which are to be deposited into your account in the Constitutional Treasury Department

SIDE 2: The UCC Debt Money FRN’s created
by the Contractor; as the SHADOW DEBT
Paper Promises to Pay the Credits when
demanded”. This is the National Debt; the
Shadow debt money that is in circulation today.

SIDE 3: The UCC Credit Money in the form of BILLS
OF CREDIT; as the “SHADOW Surety BILL’ to Release
the Credits; when you as the Owner acknowledge,
endorse, and return them to the Contrator; they now owe
the IRS a 1099C showing the Debt is Cancelled.

The research goes on.

This is the 1st in a trilogy I plan to post with more on A4V coming soon.

1 A4V Summarised

2 A4V Wording

3 A4V Getting It Enforced (Accepted)


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