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Important Warning To All Reply Empty Important Warning To All Reply

Post by mongoose on Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:16 am

This is in response to Assassins post but I cannot reply on that forum. This is ridiculous, as I am duplicating topics.

Assassin, I have experienced exactly what you are saying.

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Important Warning To All Reply Empty Re: Important Warning To All Reply

Post by assassin on Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:13 am

Undoubtedly Badvoc, registers are kept on everyone.

Last year (2019) a friend had already split from his girlfriend and she neglected their toddler who was subsequently taken into care and he has fought to get him back himself, the upshot is his parents now have him and are going for guardianship as this is the only way to get him away from his mothers influence as she is dross of the highest order and is totally controlled by her mother, and they both see the child as a cash cow for their drug money.

They will go to any lengths to stop my mate getting his child back, they don't want him, and will go to any lengths to stop him purely for spite, he is a good parent but worked a lot of hours to make ends meet and cares for his child.

Around March 2019 he kept getting harassed by their extended family and contacted the lice who told him it was his word against theirs, at that point I rigged his house with covert cameras to cover his property and the street outside, he then got a restraining order and another neighbour heard of this and rigged his house with cameras and it was interesting to watch. His house is off the main road and at the end of a green and you have to turn up the road and across the top of the green and his house is tucked behind another house and cannot easily be seen.

After watching the footage it became clear that they knew which shift he was on and they kept coming to the house in cars and walking all over his property and trying to photograph through the windows, and this was corroberated by his neighbours footage, the lice then had to act with compelling evidence, and merely spoke to them and did nothing else. To counter this his parents often attended the property at any time abd often caught them and the lice were forced to prosecute under harassment legislation, they then took to sitting down the road and watching him and fabricating anything they could which of course was all lies. He went back to court and got a power of arrest attached to his restraining order and the court clerk sent this directly to his local lice and then telephoned them to ensure this was received, and it was, but this was only a prescribed distance from his, and his parents property.

They are tagged up with all the local scum and these acted as lookouts for them and it was noted that they were receiving mobile phone calls and they quickly disappeared, this meant that they must have been watching his parents house to ring her and give her time to escape, as his parents live across from a hospital another contact helped out by altering their security cameras towards the boundary they would have to watch from, but nothing. This went on for several weeks and they kept notes of times they left their property and when synchronised with the CCTV clock it clearly showed that if either of his parents vehicles moved they would get a phone call.

She shares the family brain cell, yes one brain cell between them and this is physically impaired, so he went on holiday with his parents so he could be with his son for a fortnight, and this is when it really came to light, they had to get permission from antisocial services and did, what they didn't do was give a specific location and said they would be touring around so as not to give away a specific location. His girlfriend was informed by antisocial services that they were going to Cornwall and nothing more, and when they got back his girlfriend let it slip that she knew where they had been and which hotel they stayed at, this gave it away that they were being tracked so we played a little game and set them up, I went up with my 4X4 and car transporting trailer and winched their Range Rover on and took it to my house and when I put it on the ramps I found a magnetic tracker underneath. I got one of our company security experts to play wih it and he did something and found it rang his ex girlfriend everytime it moved and also sent a text. I put it on one of our long haul lorries and sent it all around the UK for a week, and we have lorry tracking records, I replaced it on the RR and took it back and winched his mothers Toyota onto the trailer and did exactly the same thing, and she reported that her son was taken out of the country to antisocial services and when they enquired she claimed he had taken several trips to Scotland and stated he stayed overnight in Aberdeen, the trap was now closed, and the lice were called. His parents claimed neither of their vehicles were taken out of England as his RR was at my house for a week, and when it was returned I took his wifes Toyota for a week to allegedly repair this, and the lice turned up at my door. I simply stated that both vehicles had trackers fitted and I removed them and stuck them to one of our lorries running continually to Aberdeen and back and produced the lorries tracking records, they took these and kept them, and I informed them that one of our security experts tracked it back to a mobile number and wrote the number down.

Lice went to ex girlfreinds house and asked how she knew her son was taken out of England and what proof she had, and she claimed she had followed them with her mother, her grave was dug, lice took mothers car and interrogated the sat nav tracking and it hadn't been anywhere near Scotland, so first lie exposed, they then went outside and asked control room to ring the mobile number and ex girlfriends mobile rang and she answered it, grave dug deeper, they took her phone and found tracking data from from both trackers and when they looked on the maps it showed both vehicles at his parents home, slam dunk case. They went to his parents with a scene of crimes van and went under both vehicles and found both trackers, and with lots of photographs, case in court February 2020.

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