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Silence Is Golden

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Silence Is Golden

Post by assassin on Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:19 am

How many times are people told to remain silent and how many people speak and incriminate themselves, and how many of the population are willing to speak to anyone they perceive as having any form of authority.

Does silence really work?

Let me give a current, topical example; how many organisations have something called a Press Officer, a Communications Department, or something similar who is appointed by that body or corporation to speak on their behalf? most of them do, but why.

They remain silent.

These organisations with these people or departments know that silence is golden and that employees of that corporation speaking will implicate them massively so they put a clause within their Contracts of Employment to the effect that as an employee (or even a contractor) they cannot speak to the media or anyone else about what they know as they can and will be sacked by the organisation on the grounds of Breach of Contract; in some cases they pay them off by offering them a promotion with financial benefits which is another way of paying them off.

This has two direct affects, one is that the media or any other body directly contacts the corporation through their communications department and they also know that no employee will speak to them about an alleged incident so they don't bother, and straight away we can see the corporation is funneling every question directly to one source or part of a company or corporation as they are experts in fielding questions and not actually answering them and they have tried and trusted tactics in dealing with them.

i) The press release is often the most common form of response as they simply misdirect anyone questioning them and don't actually answer the question/s asked.
ii) They say nothing and blame something else such as "our lawyers have advised us to make no comment at this time" being a particularly common one.
iii) They employ stalling tactics such as saying "we are in the process of an internal investigation at this time and are awaiting the outcome of this investigation" when in reality all they are doing is playing for time.
iiii) They refer anyone questioning them to another body or person which is usually their legal advisors.

They know saying nothing works and they use it.

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Re: Silence Is Golden

Post by Ausk on Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:16 am

Good point assassin. particulary: "ourMylawyers have advised us me to make no comment at this time"

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