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Personal Information Gathering

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Personal Information Gathering

Post by assassin on Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:30 pm

Many people are not aware of this, but gathering of personal information is big business and the selling of personal information is big money and you have to remember that YOUR personal information is YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY and people can only obtain it and use it if YOU consent to it.

How many people have gone into a shop and paid for goods in cash and have been asked to give their postcode or E-mail address and willingly given it, or have been bombarded with the usual excuses as to why a shop should require it, most of us I would assume; but do you have to give it? NO, it is your property and covered in law as "intellectual property" and no party can force you to give your personal information out and the only way they can obtain it is if you voluntarily give it to them which means you automatically consent to them using it, and profiting from it.

Many seemingly explanations are given by them to obtain your personal information, "its a survey to see how far our customers travel" is one I have heard recently, as is "we need it so we can enter you into a prize draw" is another, but they always have an excuse and you have to be on your guard for these excuses; if they wanted to know how far I had travelled to shop with them then why not just ask how far I had travelled, or ask if I wished to enter their prize draw, they dont ask this because its all personal information harvesting. If you pay by credit card it is registered to a bank account, the bank account is registered to both an address and a person or corporation so they simply glean their information this way which in itself is reason enough not to use a credit card and use cash itself.

In many circumstances it is a way of gaining consent to something, go to any city and you will see various wardens and if they stop you for anything they demand your name and address, and by giving it you are consenting to something which is usually a penalty charge for something they claim you have done, do you have to give your name and address to them; NO as they are acting in a civil capacity and by obtaining your name and address they have forced you into a contract with them on their terms and conditions meaning you have agreed to pay their penalty charge. Remember that these people tell lies and if you ask if you are obliged to give your personal information then many say YES and this is a lie as you are not bound to give any civil enforcement officer anything, but also remember that most of them are on some form of bonus scheme and if you play their game like a nice little sheep that you are actually giving a proportion of that penalty charge payment to them as a bonus.
Most of us have heard the excuse "if you dont give me your name then I will call the police" and this threat alone is sufficient to make many people comply and give their details, but under English Contract Law this nullifies the contract you have entered but they conveniently ignore this and for good reason, financial reward; so what happens if they call the police, simply walk off and if they follow you then you can bring criminal charges of harassment against them as they are harassing you for money and that is a criminal offence. In many cases the police will ask for your name and pass it onto the enforcement officer and again this is illegal as this is a civil matter and the police have no authority to act in a civil matter, but they do, ring your local police regarding a civil matter and the first thing they will do is tell you its a civil matter and they cannot act, so why are they acting in a civil matter and for a corporation? they cannot have it both ways. If they try to act against you then simply tell then it is a civil matter and they have no jurisdiction in this matter and demand their warrant cards and if they refuse them you report them as they are obliged to show them to you.

Its not gone unnoticed that the police have had a massive rise in the number of vehicle stops they undertake and this is disproportionate to the crime rates in their area, or the suspicion of crime in their area and this is for good reason, they want your information and will go to almost seemingly any lengths to get it including threats of arresting you, to stop you they have to have something called "reasonable cause" which is a valid reason to stop you and they have to be able to justify this reasonable cause. In reality many police simply lie to stop a vehicle and their sole objective is to obtain your name and address, but why? how many people are aware that this data is given to a psychologist who gives a psychological profile of you to the police and these are often biased or loaded towards the police as they are employed by the police, and are usually wrong, but a conclusion from a psychologist can be another reason for the police to stop you on trumped up allegations.

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