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Growing tobacco

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Growing tobacco

Post by Lopsum on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:44 pm

I have just received seeds of four kinds of tobacco off ebay which i will be trying to grow this year. Will update how it goes .
   Virginia Gold
   flue- or air-cured tobacco, ancient variety with high yields, bright leaves and low nicotine, main component for light cigarettes
   Kentucky Burley
   air- or fire-cured cultivar KY910, early maturing, good yield, high quality tobacco that is favored for cigarettes and the pipe
   Orient Samsoun
   sun- or air-cured aromatic Oriental tobacco from Turkey, for the water pipe and an additive for aromatic cigarettes and English             pipe tobacco, grows well in dry regions and on poor soil
   cultivar MD609, bulk- or air-cured dark tobacco, with fine texture and low nicotine, resistant against many diseases, filler and wrapper for mild cigars and dark French cigarettes

I will be mainly growing the burley and vaginia and just a token few of the others to mix in.
I would like to hear if anyone has done this or has any experience especially how you cured it . its not to late to join in the experiment if you want to grow some this year . Seeds avalable on ebay and other sites for uk growers , the ones from germany were here in a week!

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Re: Growing tobacco

Post by Lawful rebel on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:00 pm

Hi lopsum
i grew some golden Virginia tabac a few years ago when i lived in france they grew about 7ft tall with huge leaves easy to do.the curing is another thing not so easy i took the centre vein out so had two halves piled them up on top of each other and stashed them between the plastic in my tunnel so they could sweat "important" after a while they go brown and slimy thats the time to dry,they will be stiff and leathery but pliable and be a golden brown i just folded them over a few times and shredded with stanly blades was the best smoke iv had mild and smooth though i gotta warn you dont smoke any thats green its the most disgusting experience ever!
if i could choose i would deffo grow under cover as the leaves are mega sticky and pick up dust with other pollutants in the air...bonus is the scent from the flowers.

btw i collected over a kilo of seeds from 20 odd plants and have kept them at the back of the fridge will have a go this year once the weather warms up

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Lawful rebel
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Not so newb

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Re: Growing tobacco

Post by Lopsum on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:37 pm

Thanks, the curing does worry me most , easy to get that bit wrong .
Its good just for the flowers and the bees even if it doesnt work out so i wont be upset.

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Re: Growing tobacco

Post by assassin on Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:51 am

I found hanging it up in a cool room the best way of curing it, just use small bunches hung up in a well ventilated room works wonders and cure it long and slow.

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Re: Growing tobacco

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