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The Easter Debate

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The Easter Debate

Post by assassin on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:09 pm

Let me begin by saying this is a serious debate, there are no right or wrong answers; merely many points of view which can be expressed and discussed, added to, or even dismissed all together.

Please engage in the debate and keep it clean.

The question is - should we change our democracy and democratic systems to bring them up to date?

For me the answer is a resounding yes, and if we look at our current system it has been around in its current form for a few hundred years and eminates from a time when people were ignorant as they only had word of mouth or newspapers and books to keep them informed and people elected politicians to do their bidding and they were packed off to London where (allegedly) they had access to the latest or the most up to date information and were supposedly more informed than a generally ignorant public.
Today we have 24 hour news, we have all the differing mediums to deliver that news directly to us on demand, and yet we still have an electoral system which is still several hundred years old and still gives those representatives we elect carte blanche to act in our name for 5 years with little to no accountibility to those of us who elected them into office.

We have had an emerging political elite who enter politics as a career move, professional politicians, the same professional politicians who often see a short term career and look to the medium term and ask "what can I do apart from politics after 5 years if I am not elected" and begin to work for their own individual benefit, or the benefit of specific organisations, and take the kick backs as they come, and are often working under the guise of a corporation or large multi-national with a future guarantee of a highly paid job (or non-job) sometime in the future. All of these factors, and many more mean those elected and paid by the electorate or the public purse are not representing us or our views, and we are paying them to work to our detriment and often most of the electorate feel disconnected from politicians, and the politicians are most certainly disconnected from the people who have elected them into office, and they are even disconnected from reality.

Next we have the egotists, Heseltine in the 1970's claimed the public were too thick to make many of the decisions politicians make, do we really want or need such egotists and narcisists treating us with such distain and yet still relying upon our votes, for most people such comments are abhorrent and totally unnecessary and such people should be removed from Government, but were we given the chance to remove him? NO. Next we have the extremists and racist dictators such as Diane Abbot who constantly make racist remarks against white people and continually try to dictate to us and have no accountibility to us as they are often protected by a political party or influencial members of one or more political parties, or specific groups within a specific area; yet any politician is elected to represent all people irrespective of skin colour, ethnicity, or culture. Why has Abbot gotton away with this for so long? is it the fact she opened her legs for the current Labour Party leader, or the fact she claims "racism" every time somebody opposes her views and people take it seriously.

Now we have the party whips, if we have democracy then why do political parties have "whips" to try to force them to vote against the will of the electorate and for the views of a political party or its manifesto? its hardly democracy when you have taken the views of the people you represent and are forced to vote against those views.

My personal opinion is that we need to take back power from this political elite and put them back in their place, and this is to represent the views of their constituencies, represent the constituents, and become more engaged with the public they purport to represent, and basically reattach themselves to reality and stop with the rhetoric and kop out language they often use, and then listen to the views and opinions of the people.

Look at Brexit, how many politicians claimed "we are voting with our consciences" as this is the ultimate kop out, what they really mean is they will vote with their own opinions and sod the electorate; as elected representitives they have no consciences as they only represent the majority view in their constituencies, irrespective of what it may be.

I would also like to more referendums held, I would propose a 3 tier system which would be making decisions solely at national levels on serious issues; making decisions at a regional level such as within a county or shire, and local levels which would be within your own town or city. This would have significant impacts in connecting the public back with elected politicians at all levels and making them accountable to the electorate. At local level it may be an issue with building a local industrial estate and the locals have issues with the volumes of heavy traffic entering and leaving the industrial estate, inversely the local council may see objective comments as to better handle the increased traffic flow and put together a better proposal to meet the needs of the majority living in the area; alternatively it may be an issue with the local areas roads which may be addressed. At regional level there may be an issue with a new holiday village being built and issues with other things such as the local roads, congestion, site signage, or even how it impacts on that region and how these issues can be addressed and even how it could be introduced into a regions tourism plan to encourage people to the holiday park and promote regional attractions.
At national level I believe it should only be used for serious issues, Brexit aside it may have prevented the country from being plunged into wars which were nothing to do with us, the elites plans to introduce regeime changes could also be blocked, or it could even encourage Governments to work harder to open up more export business markets for SME's for better export markets free of prohibitive restrictions and legislation.

What it will do is let politicians know that people are watching them and they will be held to account, and not at the next elections.

I would introduce an open proposals system at all levels, anyone could make a proposal and if it reached a sufficiently high enough percentage level (at its target level) it would have to be put to a referendum and be discussed by the local, regional, or national bodies to act upon and the final proposal put back to the people for approval.

In addition I would have all politicians at all levels subjected to regular referendums, basically if a politician doesn't perform or represent his/her area, regional, or national views and "votes with their conscience" then a system could trigger a referendum which would be a straight yes or no system which sees them stay, or get kicked out with immediate affect and be replaced by someone who represents the people and their views.

Please add your thoughts and ideas.

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Re: The Easter Debate

Post by Lopsum on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:46 pm

our democracy hides a dictatorship. As you say a vote to say who makes the decisions every 5 years isnt democratic in the full sense , its the vote itself that is the democratic part, then after its a dictatorship.
City of london crown corp hold the strings.

so i guess an idea would be to declare war on city of london , and i guess we have , but were fighting them at sea! but as soon as they know that we know were on land they might stop pretending and just do one.

They wont give up though, if it looks like they might loose they'll just do a foax reform to convince the masses that the system has changed. City of london crown corp will still be holding the strings.

They have been allowing the corruption in the courts that Tom and others have had to face , i can see no change for better till the strings are cut.

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