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Post by petesomething on Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:21 pm

seen a funny photo from Ukraine , a old woman who got fed up with a pothole out side her house, and covered it over with a rug , in Northampton we need wall to wall carpet , i bet Northampton got the worst potholes in the uk, but in Ukraine they dont pay council tax .
new car will need to pay more road tax or will have to start , i bet they want to use potholes as a excuse to put up road tax for all cars wait and see Evil or Very Mad

money again affraid

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Re: patholes

Post by assassin on Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:36 am

You forgot the hissy fits over diesel Pete.

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Re: patholes

Post by petesomething on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:34 am

Hi assasin

sorry i forgot about diesel

On the radio this week they was talking about diesel cars, they are more cleaner now but people was phoning the radio station saying they should put more road tax on these cars What a Face
The Government love these people,
some holidays we may drive down the M1 to Gatwick airport,  The new smart traffic lights on the M1 , stop,,,, start,,,STOP,,,START ,70 MPH  down to 60 MPH back up to 70 MPH back down to 40 MPH back up to 60 MPH back up to 70 MPH back down to 40 MPH back up to 70 MPH back down to 40 MPH back up to 70 MPH back down to 40  MPH,  STOP,,,START BACK UP TO 40 MPH BACK UP TO 70 MPH  BACK DOWN TO 20 MPH BACK UP TO 70 MPH  ,  FOR F,,,SAKE ,  GREAT WE GOT PASSED THEM F,,,, LIGHTS ,  WHAT NOW What a Face  ROAD WORKS,,   STOP ,,,START  DRIVE 40 MPH
HOW MUCH  petrol or diesel have we used , and the ENVIRONMENT

alot of drivers are that p,,, off they dont take any notice of the lights any more What a Face  ,,  BUT A FEW WEEKS LATER A NICE BIG FINE IN THE POST.

money again What a Face

we dont worry about the environment when then Government want to make money we can blame the DIESEL What a Face

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