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Real Begging

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Real Begging Empty Real Begging

Post by assassin on Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:21 pm

Its been a bad weekend and despite much planning it was the weekend we did our Christmas shopping and like many people we went and did it and paid solely in cash, everything was organised and all we had to do was go to various shops and look at the presents we intended buying, see if they were what we wanted, and buy them; nothing simpler you would think, but no it wasn't to be.

Everywhere we went we were subjected to aggressive begging from hoards of people and they claimed they weren't begging when they were and as far as I know they are breaking the law as aggressive beging is supposedly banned, so where was the law? actually nowhere as these people proclaimed they were working and representing charities, so what is the difference? actually none from what I could see apart from the fact that these people were located on the streets and had paid for licences from the council, or had paid corporations to rent a small space on their land, so again, if the corporations make a few quid from it then it isn't begging and it is exempt from the law, really.

What dont these people understand? is FU*k OFF any way unclear or imprecise, do I really care about a war in Syria as it wasn't started by me, I dont care about the Syrian children as those fighting the war are often the parents of these children, and I dont go all gooey eyed at the constant psychobabble or succumb to the emotional blackmail these people produce by the bucketload, I dont succumb to the psychological tactics of using young girls to approach me to solicit some money from me who talk in squeaky voices to try triggering my natural instincts or the commonly used tactic of using hype about children.

What didn't I see? I didn't see one charity working forĀ  British children, I didn't see one charity working for the British elderly, and I didn't see one charity working to alleviate the British homeless problem, or other issues concerning British people.

I did skittle several of these morons as they employ a tactic of deliberately walking in front of you and I am 16 stone of ex rugby playing muscle and they lost, and when I went to an old friends food stall for a cup of coffee I was accosted by these clowns.

Is there a case to stop this form of aggressive begging?

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Real Begging Empty Re: Real Begging

Post by Kestrel on Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:45 pm

These beggars are a disease they either get an 'eff off' from me or if I'm polite ' I don't give to beggars', I've had a 'I'm not a beggar' response which I reply 'your trying to tap money off me that makes you a beggar' & yes it is usually for the third world or some other nations problem & usually some white middle class student - a people I despise for been blind, brainwashed & no more than useful idiots.

Stepping out in front of you is highly provocative & I've nearly pushed them out of the way before now.

Very helpful
Very helpful

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Real Begging Empty Re: Real Begging

Post by LionsShare on Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:05 pm

why not use the same theory when coppers/council toohats try to stop you to give T.H.E.M. money?

"I don't give to beggars"

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Real Begging Empty Re: Real Begging

Post by Sponsored content

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