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PPI Claims management company 'fee's help.

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PPI Claims management company 'fee's help.

Post by paymydues2 on Sun May 28, 2017 10:39 am

Hi Guys.
Finally found my way here and sad to see the original site go the way it has.

Anyways I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on this situ I find myself in.

You won't know about this but on GOODF around 2013/4 I had a query about an ongoing 'case' with a company called 'Claims Advisory Group'.
Anyways I was given advice that I decided to take from GOODF about sending off the 3 letters as they had assigned two or three debt collectors to try and get me to pay up. This did seem to have worked ...until now as I've just received a letter from these scumbags again stating they are now going to take action against me unless I respond with some sort of payment promise or the full amount (yeah they won't have much chance of that) by June 13th 2017.

What basically happened was in or around 2011 I was pestered non stop on the phone by these pricks about PPI claims. One day I decided to let them send me their stuff so I could see if I had any. I was convinced I did not.
I received their 'letters of engagements' pack, thinking they would find out and then enquire if I wanted them to go further with this.
Not so.......... I received three separate cheques around 3 months later from the same bank (Royal bank of Scotland).I had to phone up to find out if they were legit and who they were from such was the poor communication about things from all parties.
I then received a phone call close to Christmas 2012 from Claims advisory group stating 'oh I see you got some money back and you have two invoices on the way totalling £1600' .I was gobsmacked at that comment stating I thought you would have removed your fees before /IF I received anything. (The bank sent me NOT THEM the cheques). They did not communicate with me during this process about ANYTHING and I now know have broken their own rules there. But were non stop when wanting their CUT!
I agreed to pay £10 at that time as I was in a position not fully understanding my rights here. Interestingly the payment was made to Lawton Hathaway, their 'in house solicitor'.
I decided NOT to set up a direct debit for payment that after, as this 'service' was nothing of the sort and was pestered non stop by phone (which I have blocked) and then letters with threats and then passing on to in house solicitors /debt collectors.
I was also offered during that time a good will gesture of half the cost.
I saw then all off with the three letter process around 2014 but now this.
Is this a last chance resort to get something? Should I be concerned?
Why didn't they do this from the start? Are my instincts correct in telling me not to worry?

Any help gratefully received . Very Happy

Not so newb
Not so newb

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Re: PPI Claims management company 'fee's help.

Post by daveiron on Sun May 28, 2017 11:25 am

Hi there,
As you have acknowledged the dept by making and receiving payment its my opinion you are screwed regarding a legal remedy.However others on here may have a legal solution.

If you do not own your own home however you could always try what has worked for me .

Get your vehicle re-registered in the name of your spouse,brother ,sister or someone you trust..
draw up a sales agreement ,and sell everything for a nominal sum to the same individual. ( this must be dated before any bailiff involvement).

Then inform the low life that you do not own your home etc and that you hold title to nothing.
They will then in all probability give up as there is nothing they can touch ,going for a ccj would only add to their costs and achieve nothing .Also you get total peace of mind eg. should you leave your door open and a bailiff walks in ,you have the paperwork (sales agreement & receipt ) to show that nothing belongs to you.

Of course this will not help your credit history ,if that bothers you ! but this debt is probably already on there.

This is just an option but it does give great peace of mind.


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Re: PPI Claims management company 'fee's help.

Post by paymydues2 on Sun May 28, 2017 12:34 pm

Thanks for your response.

No this 'debt' is not on there.
They tried an in house solicitor ,who I saw off and then lied again about sending another one out around 2014.
I don't think they have a chance quite frankly. Why not go the court route in the first place?
They have also broken their own rules by not communicating with me at all. Yes I have looked this up.
Also why wait all this time and then send these.
I have also asked them to prove what they have done. I have been told they have no original paperwork (as anything we sign get's sold on by the banks).
I now understand about how corrupt this world is but this is the last thing I have to get rid off.
Also I don't own my own home ,my car is sorned and in bit's and I am unemployed.
Also there's is no point going to court as they deal with dead fictions and I sure as hell am not that.

Any other suggestions...........?

Not so newb
Not so newb

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Re: PPI Claims management company 'fee's help.

Post by Sponsored content

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