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Post by Mia Media Mogul on Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:07 pm

I was on incapacity benefit income support & careers allowance, i relocated to a new county & was trying to get my own disability living allowance now pip. unfortunately the cab closed then i was unlawfully evicted 7 months later due to landlady/lords divorce having paid 1 years rent up front to secure & have peaceful tenancy so became homeless i lived in my car 13 months & due to loss of letters & not received was temporary put on system for esa or even jsa as thought fit for work or at work unsure as still got paid incapacity benefit but uncured dental bill debt?
Now in a home all benefits stopped sep 2016 i wrote to dwp dec jan feb i had to apply for universal credit i applied on line due to issues taking to long what with no internet, landline or mobile credit my disability they are aware of my situations. The dwp called me early march saying its was was urgent they know am unable to attend meet for face 2 face & after i requested home visit finally said yes, now say cant come due to my disability but would call me back 28 29 march latest, its now 8 wks past & nothing.
i am aware human right being violated what can i do as failed me & am on nil income having paid rent today come 1st july cant pay so will start eviction as told takes 8 wks from face 2 face to set up now paying full council tax when told them its in dispute still taken to court & no house benefit received so all rent paid as cant pay til universal cred is in place.
bear in mind am full time career carers benefit has stoped & there benefits ceased & housing benefit & council tax full & also taken to court, when i am the appointee & again told in dispute so both our names are mud & so two homes evicted as urgent.
so please can anyone as dyslexic its hard to write read all the time and its slow & am at a low as to how to get my entitlements who to write to, how to write, what stating as all new to this so need template which would help as no cab in my area even tho was no good advise so am on my own on this one as relocated to new county so all benefits changed so messing me with no support & them not paying so where to start as mark ceylon said write here any advise tips most welcome as in shit street in 4 wks & worried so under alarm and distress & wasn't sanctioned.
thanks in advance. do ask me if require more info quick response appreciated as 4 wks to do 8 wks stuff in but want £ now & can live & reinstigated & backdated as going to food banks as nil income, so no gas for hot water & cooking & a prepayment meter been trying to get out since been there 2 yrs & electric debt along with waters & nhs dental. so cant run our homes due to nil incomes & the situation they put us in & as no 3rd party support in area live so delays.
my original debts have risen i tried marks goodf site was told by Ben Moss from advance finance solutions they would consolidate all my debts and give a payment plan, i thought wrong so checked with mark he said i was right its the wrong answer from them so hence on here seeking what can do next and how to compile letters requiring our £ & getting rid of debt fraud too.

Last edited by Mia Media Mogul on Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:19 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : to improve grammar & spelling so legible, laughable when you know grammar & spelling is wrong too)
Mia Media Mogul
Not so newb
Not so newb

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Re: dwp

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:01 pm

Hi Mia Media Mogul

i feel your pain and i'm sure other's here do too. Problem is it's hard for anyone who might have knowledge (not me!) to help you to find a place to start.

Any chance you have a friend or relative who can type out your probs? You'll have more chance of getting a meaningful response.

Good luck



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Re: dwp

Post by Mia Media Mogul on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:59 pm

yes where to start... as complex stuff... becoming estranged as debts now owe due to nil income... got this & 1 other response so far as now rewrote in to some paragraphs, corrected spellings & punctuations so now reads better have done what can do as said dislexic and even writing this is difficult many thanks kindly
Mia Media Mogul
Not so newb
Not so newb

Posts : 12
Join date : 2017-05-26
Location : somerset

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Re: dwp

Post by Sponsored content

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