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How low can the MSM stoop?

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How low can the MSM stoop?

Post by Awoken2 on Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:32 am

Vile, gut churning propaganda is what the British public are being subjected to on a daily basis.

Victoria Derbyshire, 10/08/2017: via @bbciplayer

Here is the latest example. In this video you will see how the BBC utilise children to push their sinister agenda forward.

44 minutes to 44.50.  (10 year old boy reading prepared messages off autocue/prompt card)

It doesn't get much more disgusting than that in my opinion.

Allow me to quote just a few of the included impact statements..

"Formal threat"

"We are very concerned"

"1st attack on Guam"

"Valuable lives here"

"They have missiles called Guam killers"

With Trump coming out with statements like "fire and fury like the world has ever seen" this would suggest that the "world" will at some point soon be seeing what the Pentagon's multi trillion dollar black budget has been spent on.

When you use statements like that then the sinister undertones need to be understood.

I do hope I'm wrong on this but I don't think we are seeing just sabre rattling here, it is a warning that new technologies in weaponry will soon be unleashed.

Ask yourself the question would they spend trillions of dollars on weapons that they had no intention of using?

The only imponderable for me now is who's going to be the poor victims?

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Post by toolapcblack on Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:30 pm

It’s beyond sickening, just think of the total waste of energy in the making of said weapons when no one is a real threat to anyone else. When will we ever learn? I suppose people need to be in a position to learn in the first place and today we are at the point where we are just all so retarded, stuck in front of screens & totally believing what we are told! Completely hidden from the lessons we should have learnt from the past.
I’ve been recently reading David Irvings Book about the massacre in Dresden (The Destruction of Dresden)in which over 100,000 innocent people were murdered in one evening! I am not sure I will ever make it to the end as it’s so gut wrenching & disturbing that we could have done that to each other……

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Re: How low can the MSM stoop?

Post by Awoken2 on Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:38 am

The reason why we are subjected on a daily basis to lies and propaganda by our Zionist owned MSM is best explained in this video.

It's virtually Orwellian in the way our minds are trying to be controlled.

I totally believe what this man says, you can just tell by the way the man speaks.

Isn't this an extremely serious situation that we are just allowing to happen?
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Re: How low can the MSM stoop?

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