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Targetted Fake News

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Targetted Fake News

Post by assassin on Thu May 10, 2018 2:41 am

We have all seen AI working, how many people have seen the targetted marketing on our electronic devices or if we look at certain sites we are bombarded with similar sites with similar products for sale, or if we visit certain other sites we get a list of suggested similar sites, and this is the beginning of targetted fake news.

This works very simply, your site choices are monitored and instead of bombarding you with similar products they are bombarding people with targetted fake news by using the very same data they collect from our online activities and set a series of parameters to specifically target very exact individuals or types of individuals with very specific news stories.

This works very simply, if someone wants to discredit someone, a small company or corporation, a Government, a country, or even a continent they simply create some fake news and set their target parameters and anyone matching those parameters becomes a target for that fake news and nobody else, if you print a newspaper you pring one version and everyone reading that newspaper reads the exact same story irespective of where they are, and if the story comes from an allegedly legitimate news organisations site then you can log onto that site and read the story you have been sent and confirm it is a legitimate story from that site. What happens if you receive a story from a seemingly legitimate site and you read the story you have been sent and you then log onto the alleged site and cannot find the story? most likely you have been targetted for a fake news story and you have to assume you are a target for fake news.

Can I prove this conclusively? not yet, but on the balance of probability it is a clear "guilty" as this is now being exposed in America by those who have been targetted with fake news and this is given more credibility given that Trump is talking about fake news and blaming the Russians; but is it the Russians actually creating the fake news or is it a small number of of very powerful American corporations producing fake news and Trump knows this, and is even party to it. This is very powerful as this can influence so many things, a judge in a case who may give the "wrong decision" can be influenced by public opinion and be removed from a case by being discredited, a corporation can target an individual to steal their ideas, and Governments can influence very small to very large groups of people by targetting fake news and the list is endless.

If anyone thinks they are a target of fake news then it is simple to find out, as an example, if you gat a story from the Sun newspaper then go to another computer and go onto the Sun website from this computer and look for the story and if you find it then it is legitimate, if you cannot find it then it is fake news and you are a target for fake news, and if you are such a target then report it here.

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Re: Targetted Fake News

Post by Tom Bombadil on Thu May 10, 2018 9:08 am

I agree. Targeting is behind it all. For example.

As much as possible I change the settings to my phone to remain anonymous if I can. Some of the settings change the mike to off etc and others stop my phone talking with another without my prompt.

One time we were having a laugh and wanted the spelling to the "Gangnam style" song! I told the mates that it wasnt how we say it was spelt and means something different etc. Silly discussion!

We were at a pc. Others had their phones of course. We were loud and some song names cropped up. Old crap (cant get them from your head types) tunes we all knew. In all this time my phone was turned OFF.

That evening at home, I was fiddling with my tablet (not my phone) that had not left the house that week. Went to you tube, and up pops most if not all of the songs as a recommendation! WTF.

SIMPLE to see what happened. My phone WAS listening in ether by mike or by data from other phones. Or (and?) any of my mates phone numbers that were there have sent their data to my phone at some point and my phone to my tablet.

Later I did the same thing (chatted nonsense) with my battery out and only put it in when out of the area (from friends phones) and this time there was no link up.

Battery out most times now then?
Tom Bombadil
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Not so newb

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Re: Targetted Fake News

Post by assassin on Thu May 10, 2018 7:00 pm

Sure proof of the electronically connected society in action Tom, not everybody will be as astute or careful as you and if they cannot get to you directly then they will get to you through those around you as they know most of those around you will be as astute.

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Re: Targetted Fake News

Post by Sponsored content

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