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The Real Food Crisis

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The Real Food Crisis

Post by assassin on Sat May 13, 2017 3:29 am

While this may only be the tip of the iceberg, and only talking in general terms, it is sufficient for most people to get the gist of what is being said.

Back in 1874 something happened which affected the way we grow and supply food, and since then the one world agenda has come to light and this globalism has given way to some serious concerns which most people are unaware of and this is the mass takeover of food by a very few very large companies to control the supply of food on a global scale, and to produce it at the cheapest cost for shareholders, and to engage in some "gentlemens agreements" so no paper trail is left as evidence of the cartel which is currently operating.
It works very simply and one small food company looks to expand and buys out another food company of a similar size who have no direct competition with the purchasing company and they usually use the excuse of increasing their market portfolio into other market sectors; this little group is them bought out by a larger group to form a larger group which in turn is bought out by an even larger group, and this continues until we have a much larger food group operating across most sectors of the food industry, and are a global brand in their own right and potentially own some very well known brands, and they retain many of the company or brand names of any high profile company or particular named product they now own.

In recent years there have been masses of takeovers of food companies and food brands, and we have very few very large multi-nationals owning the bulk of the worlds most profitible food brands across most of the food sectors, and here the scam begins.

Next we have consumerism and we all know how this has been exploded by the methods of indoctrination large companies use to make people spend money with them, but with food the principles are the same, but food produced in one country is sold to the highest bidder and not kept in the country of origin to feed people who are often poor and starving. This gives righer countries an oversupply of food as they can afford to buy it and those in poorer countries often starve as they cannot afford to pay the prices richer countries can afford to pay for food, even though they actually produce it, again commerce comes into play and the highest bidder wins and the consumer pays the price, by higher prices with higher profit margins.

Once these large corporations own lots of food producing companies they have a large shake up and move food production from one country to another county where it is much cheaper to produce that food and suddenly a richer country has more people out of work in the food production sector as their jobs have been shipped to another country where it can be produced cheaper, but often many of these countries produce food in less than ideal circumstances such as growing food on contaminated land or using contaminated water from rivers for irrigation. Standards of food actually drop and the usual excuse is "there's a world food shortage" which is actually a lie as there is no world food shortage, only an unequal food distribution imbalance as the righest countries get the bulk of the food as they can afford it, and the starving still starve.
With an oversupply to one market and an undersupply in another market it proves the point.

If people bother to read food labelling they will see that most of our beans are produced in India, or most of our carrots are produced in China, and there are many more; and they naturally assume their carrots are grown in ideal conditions which meet food safety standards, but often they aren't, and they never ask what the food standards are and how they are enforced, and they certainly never look at what contamination is in their mass produced food and why the food standards have failed, and glibly accept a Government epartments glib words when they claim they cannot ban a food or there will be a shortage of a particular product. Much of our food coming into the country is contaminated from poor land and mass production, but then we have the intensive farming methods which use masses of chemicals to feed food, the pesticides to kill natural predators which feed on our food for greater yields, and the masses of soil conditioning chemicals which are sprayed onto the land, and thats before we get to GM foods which people are opposing vehemently.

If we look at the seafood which isn;t from the sea as it is farmed in large lakes, and we look at prawns as an example, we can see they are fed on a mass of chemicals to increase their size and reduce their growing time and this cocktain of chemicals actually forms 60% of the prawns food, it becomes obvious why so many bags of cheap prawns are tasteless.

Next we have "just in time" foods which are grown around the world to ensure a continual supply all year round and potatoes are an example, when they grow potatoes they take a quantity of the first harvest and keep them for seed potatoes for the next country to grow them, if a crop fails they lose that crop and the seed potatoes for the next country and we suddenly have a shortage of potatoes worldwide, and prices rocket; and this is a dangerous game as most potato producers rely on the first batch of potatoes from the previous harvest to provide their seed.

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