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More Indoctrinated Idiots Empty More Indoctrinated Idiots

Post by assassin on Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:32 am

In a news article today I have been reading about people complaining that Derby Hospital are not enforcing their no smoking policy on their site, and most of the muppets are falling for it and saying fine people smoking on their site, how pathetic and indoctrinated they are.

1) Smoking is not illegal so what can they realistically do? actually nothing and this was confirmed when Notts Po-lice refused to act in the next emergency hospital which was Nottingham's QMC stating it was a civil matter and they could do nothing and were powerless to act.

2) It is a corporate policy and nothing else, it is applied to all staff working at all hospitals in their contract of employment so can only be applied to staff who have signed a contract, and not to those who haven't, and yes you can refuse to sign a contract of employment.

3) They are not fines as the best they can do is use a penalty charge notice.

4) They were calling all smokers addicts, so by that alone are major hospitals going to refuse to treat alcoholics, drug addicts, and any other patient who is an addict.

5) They are our hospitals so any smoker is doing little different to smoking in their back garden, so are they going to keep straight faces if they ask people to stop smoking.

6) They were moaning about the waste bins having ash trays in them; this is absurd as most smokers will use ashtrays and not discard butts onto the floor so we non smokers do not have to walk through them if we go to hospitals as patients or visitors.

7) Some were advocating using burly security guards to intimidate smokers into stopping, really? imagine the claims against the trusts for harassment and intimidation which would cost them (us) a small fortune.

Although a non smoker, I have always said there should be dedicated smopking shelters on all hospital sites and not off the sites as many people advocate, but why? as a non smoker I have chosen not to smoke, but smokers have made the choice to smoke and that is equality, we all make informed choices. By placing smoking shelters around the sites near to entrances then smokers can use them and safely discard cigarettes, non smokers do not have to walk through their smoke, and patients and staff have somewhere safe to go and smoke when they work obscure shifts.

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More Indoctrinated Idiots Empty Re: More Indoctrinated Idiots

Post by Mrblue on Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:22 am

Exactly, there should be no problem with that setup.

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More Indoctrinated Idiots Empty Re: More Indoctrinated Idiots

Post by Lopsum on Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:31 pm

blatant discrimination !

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