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Unlawful Police Stops

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Unlawful Police Stops

Post by assassin on Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:54 am

How many people are frightened when those blue lights suddenly emerge in the rear view mirror? In a recent report HMIC (her majestys inspector of constabularies) has claimed that around 40% of stops are unlawful and that Police are abusing their powers to stop people, and abusing the legislation to do so; now this is disturbing as some interesting trends have emerged; before going any further I must make it clear that this information applies ALL stops by the Police.

What are your rights, first the police must have "reasonable suspicion" that you have committed a crime, or "reasonable suspicion" that you are about to commit a crime before they can even make a stop on any vehicle and its this in which most fraudulent actions by the Police takes place and they tell many lies to try to justify a stop and make it appear to be a lawful stop, and remember from here on its a play on words and most have many years of using these words and playing the unofficial police handbook of dirty tricks. let us look at a few of the popular excuses:

"Its a routine stop sir" so what is a routine stop, well it actually tells us they are using this phrase because they have no "resonable suspicion" and no grounds to stop us as it is a very non specific phrase and they hope to play on peoples ignorance with this and hope they will get away with it, its an unlawful stop.

"Its your manner of driving sir" again it means they are chancing it by using another unspecific phrase, if they had a genuine reason to stop you they would give you that specific reason and not something unspecific.

"Were stopping you under section 165 of the road traffic act sir" again this is an unlawful stop as section 165 is not a power to stop a vehicle in general, it can only be used in very specific circumstances where they know the driver; it is only a power to obtain a drivers details after a lawful stop has taken place and the lawful stop means they have reasonable suspicion of an offence being committed.

What can you do? In all circumstances you must record them using video or audio, if they are doing something wrong most will tell you to stop recording, or if they catch you recording they will threaten to seize your phone and claim "its evidence", or they will tell you to delete the audio/video in which case you know they are doing something wrong and dont want you having evidence of it.
Next they will try to generate a scenario, usually it is to tell you to switch off your engine, do you have to? no, they usually then claim its for their safety, bull$hit, they are at the side of your vehicle and a vehicle can only go backwards or forwards, I have yet to see a car go sideways.
Why do they want your phone? because they will take all of the information from it and store it for future reference, your contacts, your internet browsing history, the sites you visit, and it all goes before a psychologist whho often draws an incorrect, or loaded opinion of your character, remember the police employ the psychologists.

Secondly you ask for the reason for the stop, if you gat a vague or unspecific reason you know they are trying it on, you require the specific reason for the stop and the specific legislation they are claiming to use, as we have already seen they like using the unspecific.

Next you need them to produce their warrant cards, not just the one dealing with you if there are two of them, you want both or all of their warrant cards and you record their details.

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Re: Unlawful Police Stops

Post by landlubber on Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:43 pm

This is excellent information , Assassin, and should be read by everyone who drives on the roads. I find it's rather a sad indictment when one considers that all of this police action is common knowledge by HMIC, yet had they not considered that all of the police should be made aware that the HMIC knows what they're all getting up to? Of course if the police want to be seen as a load of roadside thugs or pirates, then they are certainly going the right way to be seen this way. Smile

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Re: Unlawful Police Stops

Post by assassin on Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:44 pm

Actually it became interesting LL, of the 43 police forces, 27 forces were cited for action and of this 27 forces cited for action, Teresa May the home secretary told them if they didn't stop such practises she would enact legislation to do so. This ws one of her last actions as Home Secretary, as PM she is fully sware of what is going on and will brief her replacement.

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Re: Unlawful Police Stops

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