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Moon phases

Breast cancer talk, slides and references for the talk, with quoted research and links

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Breast cancer talk, slides and references for the talk, with quoted research and links Empty Breast cancer talk, slides and references for the talk, with quoted research and links

Post by Theatchet on Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:13 pm

Breast cancer

Cancer is a Metabolic Disease, NOT a Genetic Disease
• Dr.Thomas N. Seyfried: world renowned researcher in the field of
Genetics and Biochemistry
• Spent the majority of career researching cancer and genetics
In his book, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” he
No real progress has been made in the

management of advanced or metastatic cancer
for more than 40 years. The number of people
dying each year and each day has changed little
in more than 10 years.
The view that most cancer is a genetic disease is no longer credible.
• Most cancer, regardless of cell or tissue origin, is a singular disease of respiratory
insufficiency coupled with compensatory fermentation. There are not really
hundreds of cancer types that need to be studied separately. There is a common
mechanism for treating all cancers.
Some factors that can cause respiratory insufficiency and cancer include:
• Age
• Viral
• Infections
• Hypoxia
• Inflammation
• Environmental Toxins
• Radiation
• Carcinogens
• Cancer cells depend largely on glucose and glutamine metabolism for
survival, growth, and proliferation.
• Restricted access to glucose and glutamine will compromise cancer
cell growth and survival. When cancer cells do not have glucose to nourish them, they die.
• Protection of mitochondria from oxidative damage will prevent or
reduce risk of cancer. Antioxidants prevent cancer.
• Lifestyle changes will be needed to manage and prevent cancer. This
means that there is no magic pill that we can take to prevent or cure cancer. We must change our relationship with food and lifestyle
to prevent and cure cancer.
• A new era will emerge for cancer management and prevention, once
cancer becomes recognized as a metabolic disease.

Vitamin D
• Calcitriol (activated Vitamin D) the most potent steroid hormone in
your body
• Vitamin D levels are low in people with cancer
• Induces cell differentiation and controls cell proliferation
• There are over 830 peer reviewed scientific studies showing its
effectiveness in the treatment of cancer.
• Normalizing your vitamin D levels will reduce your risk of cancer by
over 50 percent, but there are a number of other strategies that are
also important in your cancer-prevention plan.

Vitamin C
•15-year long research project called RECNAC (cancer spelled backwards)
• Groundbreaking research in cell cultures showed that vitamin C was
selectively cytotoxic against cancer cells.
"If you're going to treat cancer, you can't rely upon one modality. Even
though we focus on I.V. vitamin C at our clinic, we measure nutrient
We have people reexamine their diet. We encourage detoxification
strategies, regular exercise, adequate sleep, improving interpersonal
relationships… All of these can have a bearing on your outcome in cancer."
Dr. Ronald Hunninghake, Internationally Recognized expert on Vitamin C

Eggplant Extract
• Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (BEC)
• Found in the eggplant, tomato, potato, Bell peppers, and tobacco
• Impacts only cancerous cells leaving normal cells alone
"The mode of action of SRGs [glycoalkaloids solasodine rhamnosy
glycosides (BEC)] is unlike any current antineoplastic [anti-tumor]
agent. Specific receptors for the SRGs present only on cancer cells
but not normal cells are the first step of events that lead to
apoptosis in cancer cells only, and this may explain why during
treatment the cancer cells were being eliminated and normal cells
were replacing the killed cancer cells with no scar tissue being
Dr. Bill E. Cham, Leading BEC Researcher

• 20-30% reduction in risk of breast cancer

• Heavy lifting associated with 38% reduced risk of invasive breast cancer
“Routine activity during the day at work or home may be related
to reduced invasive breast cancer risk.”
(American Journal of Public Health )

“Strenuous activity in teens and moderate activity after
menopause may contribute to a reduction in breast cancer risk.”
(Journal of Cancer Causes and Control )

• Harvard Medical School researchers found patients who exercise
moderately -- 3-5 hours a week had a reduced risk of breast cancer

Here is the actual talk the info above came from, along with slides and references at the end of the slides for all the information in here.
I posted some of the stuff above, rather than just post the links, as some people might not bother following through to the links, so gives them a little information on the subject to catch their interest.
But there's a whole load more information in the talk about the whole industry surrounding it,.

I would recommend watching all this guys talks on the human body to get a good understanding of how the body works, along with all the illnesses and diseases videos he does.
It's all very well researched. Fair play to the guy. One guy truly trying to help humanity and expose the science that exposes the health care system and pharmaceutical industry for what it really is, a money making enterprise, interested in retaining customers and creating new ones. I'll do the same with some other cancers as above.

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