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More Personal Tracking Empty More Personal Tracking

Post by assassin on Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:42 am

Many people are aware they are constantly being tracked by systems such as car satellite navigation or the proliferation of security cameras mounted everywhere by private corporations and public bodies, but what about those you are unaware of such as large retailers hacking your mobile phone without your consent under the guise of targetted marketing, when in reality it is little more than tracking you for data to sell on for corporations to track you from your mobile devices such as mobile phones or I pads, and all without your consent.

Many major retailers are now installing multiple in store beacons to track your devices and are so accurate they can tell which aisle you were in while you were in their shop, but they also pick you up if you are walking past their premises along a street for example, and from this data they can track your every move, and all without your knowledge or consent.

Legitimate reasons for installing them is claimed to be for targetted advertising marketing, but we all kmow better than to fall for the usuak diatribes, and this works on any connected mobile device, or any bluetooth device with bluetooth turned on, and when one of these beacons detects a device it basically sends a piece of code to activate it and monitors its every position, but it goes much further. If you use any of the free wifi that many retailers and even public service bodies provide then this is detecting your device as you log onto their internet services which are provided. This isn't an issue if you use your average Costa Coffee or Tesco free wifi as you know this will be tracked and you have the choice of logging on or choosing not to, to protect your privacy, but what these beacons are doing is totally covert and monitoring you without your consent, and without your knowledge; so how far does this covert surveillance go? actually quite a long way.

You leave home and get into your vehicle to go to work and your mobile is connected to your vehicle by Bluetooth then both your sat nav and mobile phone are tracking your location together, and if you go out at the same time and return home everyday then they have the times you travel and the route you travel, but if you work in a city centre and stop in the local park and ride and get a tram or bus from there then these are also tracking your mobile phone so they know where your vehicle is parked, what time you left home, and the route you took. Buses and trams generally offer free car parking at their out of town locations and they are covered with CCTV cameras so not only are they tracking your every move, but they now have you on CCTV entering the car park and getting out and walking to the terminus, and as all trams and buses are fitted with CCTV they can track you using your mobile device and CCTV.

You get off the public transport and walk 400 metres to work, not only has your journey been tracked from the beginning but as you pass these beacons they detect your mobile device and collectively give a direction of travel, but not just that, but the date and time you are travelling.

We tested this out and downloaded a free beacon tracker onto a mobile phone and walked for 100 metres along an average city centre street and found 370 beacons had detected us as we walked this short distance and we repeated this experiment by going into numerous shops and into a specific department and remained there for 5 minutes, and sure enough within less than 2 hours each of the mobile phones received targetted advertising from these retailers, proving that not only are we being tracked everywhere, but they were advertising the products from the specific departments of these retailers.

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by mitch on Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:51 pm

Anyone who thinks this isn't coming to the UK/US is living in a fantasy land. It is. And soon. We are moving into the full electronic prison stage. And STILL the people will continue to claim they are free.
Chinese citizens must pass a facial-recognition test to use the internet as part of Beijing's social credit system

news worthy
news worthy

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by Society of the Spectacle on Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:47 pm

NOT Unrelated,
Society of the Spectacle
Society of the Spectacle

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by assassin on Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:27 am

Totally related SOTS.

Traffic and private transport is the worst hit intended target currently in the public domain and currently the agenda is allegedly road safety and climate change of the media are to be believed, which we know they are not. What technology is being worked on currently:

Got driver monitoring in your vehicle? it tells you if you are tired and warns you to stop and take a break, legitimate use or merely an opening to serve an agenda, manufacturers already have systems which incorporate facial recognition and retinal scan technologies inbuilt, so deny you were driving.

Virtual door mirrors, your external mirrors are replaced by rear view cameras, or have rear facing cameras installed and connected to multiple safety systems allegedly, but they also serve as eyes and ears to provide multiple images of any road which is travelled and are currently at the production stages.
If they can fit them to external mirrors then why not internal mirrors, actually it is very easy and cheap to do and these are being developed to monitor all passengers in all vehicles.

Under car cameras: currently used by many off roaders, actually I have some on my Unimog for off roading, but these are proposed as being rolled out as under car cameras for safety reasons to stop you hitting low posts in parking bays, when in fact they will actually use wide angle lenses to see a reasonable distance in front of a vehicle. We already have the 360 degree camera systems fitted to more upmarket vehicles, so all round vision of the vehicle, its occupants, and its coming to us soon.

Intelligent glass: this dims and lightens allegedly to prevent UV rays entering your vehicle to keep it cool in summer and lightens in winter to allow heat into your vehicle, but boy is this so much more. This is currently fitted to sunroofs of high end vehicles and the posers with more money than sense are lapping up this bling to brag to their mates. However, glass exists which generates electricity using micro particles of silver which are connected together to produce useful voltages, but micro electronics allow these to be replaced with miniature GPS tracking systems and sensory systems which can measure your blood pressure and heart rate in real time, so are the dots connecting yet.
Simple scenario, an approaching vehicle has its headlights on full beam and your glass instantly darkens; who is responsible for your accident? actually the driver as he/she is supposed to be in charge of the vehicle at all times.

Active anti dive suspension, already fitted to top BMW, Mercedes, and Audi models from the 1990's, this uses pressurised spheres to activate hydraulic systems in the front suspension under hard braking to prevent the car from dipping its front end, this has moved on tremendously to give us active suspension of today, and is this being exploited.
Suspension systems are currently in use which measure every piece of your suspension movement and they can already tell if you are on a rough road, hit a pot hole or simply go over a speed hump and many major manufacturers have these devllopments fitted to fleet vehicles, allegedly for testing.

Adaptive tyres, fantasy? ask Continental tyres who already have tyres embeded or made from conductive rubber and the claims are that it will be for fleet users using a combination of these rubber compounds and embeded microchips to measure tyre pressures and wear rates. Actually they are virtually unlimited in which types of microchips then can embed and TPMS have micro G and shock sensors built into them and can tell if you hit a pot hole or the kerb and can tell if you are driving around corners to fast and skidding.

Adaptive wheels: actually ready for production, these widen or narrow and work with adaptive tyres to give a wider or narrower wheel for specific circumstances and in snow they widen and give a flatter tyre with more contact area for better traction, allegedly. In reality they also alter tyre pressures by pumping themselves up, detect punctures, and have inbuilt kinetic charging to power their embeded devices.

Adaptive headlights, oh, already on the market, they alter their brightness and beam length and width to suit the road conditions and other vehicle oncoming, or from the side such as at junctions, and even from above such as at a flyover, and these work to incorporate other technologies.

Real or fiction??????????? most will be rolled out by 2025.

Augmented reality, what is this? this is a type of digital technology which incorporates the digital technologies from your vehicle and it begins with 360 degree cameras giving real time information of your vehicle and surrounding vehicles, allegedly for autonomous driving, ask Mercedes who already have such systems. These allow your vehicle to collate all its technologies and share them with your fleet manager without you knowing, or knowing and sending it to your friends via the internet. This is real time data which can be replayed and who has ready access to it? oh yes the Government and all its departments which obviously includes the Lice, this also stores this date for 90 days on huge servers, ask Lockheed Martin.

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by LionsShare on Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:39 am

watch this & have fun, coming in a town near you:

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by assassin on Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:44 am

Its already partially here.

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More Personal Tracking Empty Re: More Personal Tracking

Post by Sponsored content

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